Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Athletics and Running Foot Problems

By Therese Adamson

When you buy shoes for walking, exercising and cross training you would want to purchase the most comfortable, convenient and supportive shoes available on the market. When you buy athletic shoes that are specifically designed for your athletic lifestyle, you want a shoe that will not only assist you to keep your body in great shape but you will also want to experience lesser injuries as well.

Running can generate a lot of foot problems. One example of this is stress fractures that can happen when training regularly. Due to increased exercise, a fracture may arise on the ankle or foot and can result in an injury. When the surrounding muscles become very fatigued, small cracks in the bones develops. The major bones that are commonly affected by walking and running which are the ankle, feet or lower extremities can develop stress fractures.

Commonly, your foot will pound more than 800 times when you are running mile. You need to take care of your feet because running and walking can cause a lot of stress on them. Due to frequent long distance running, sore and injured feet are common to runners and athletes. Running continuously on a daily basis will worsen the injury and pain if you are experiencing ankle tendonitis or heel spurs.

Your footwear will have to depend on the kinds of activities that you are doing. Running shoes are specifically made to have special features that will support your feet. To avoid pains and injuries, you should visit your doctor or podiatrist and ask for their advice with regards to the shoe that will best fit for you. You can also go to your local shoes store and their staff will be able to suggest appropriate footwear.

One of the common complaints of runners is the numbness that they are experiencing. This is the tingling sensation that you would commonly feel on your feet and toes (that is not related to the cold weather). This can be the result of tightly worn shoelaces or shoes. The condition where the big toe joint enlarges is referred to as Bunions. This is usually caused by a lot of pressure and this can also swell. Another foot problem that is experienced by runners is corns. These are hard and painful lumps on your feet as a result of constant rubbing or pressure from shoes that are also too tight. See to it that there is enough space in the toebox, since when your toes can't move, your shoes are just too tight. Simply click here shoes for women to avail the service that they are offering.

A lot of runners will also experience foot blisters. These are the tiny bubbles of skin that is filled with clear liquid appearing on the foot. These can be painless, but can also be painful enough to keep you from running. The blisters are caused by the friction on your feet, between your socks and skin. However, the source can be tight shoes, small shoes, the moisture or sweaty foot.

You can avoid experiencing these usual foot problems by going to your local Shoe Clinic or shoe shop and they can also assist you in looking for the proper pair of shoes. Moreover, they can also suggest treatments for your foot problems.

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