Sunday, 2 December 2012

5 Portable Protein Sources

By Jack Whiles

If you're one of the men out there that are so busy it's hard to find the time to be consistent with your workouts and eating for that matter, which makes it harder to keep the fat off and stay physically fit. Well here some best powder for men ideas and five more proteins to help in achieving your goals.

As far as us guys go it is hard to stay fit and in good shape, especially if you're busy, without following some kind of program. When looking at some of the best protein powder for men, you come to realize that some of them can help you eat as they are weight to get protein without spending a lot of effort or time in doing so.

If your bag contains your personal gym gears, then there must be some room for portable protein items. Being a dieter or simply a fitness conscious individual, it's often difficult to stay prepared for late hours after work at the office, some days on tour, or any other situation that limits your food choices. Getting straight to the point, let's find out the best protein powder for men.

Keep a protein bar Protein bar is a snack with varying amounts of calories and available in different flavors. You can check the label for calories and stuff the type of protein bar that fulfils your caloric requirements. It will satisfy your hunger for quite a few hours and the convenient packaging is an assurance that you can have a bar during work or while commuting.

By peanut butter in travel packets and you won't have to worry about not having something to curb that appetite just before you go into a meeting or some kind conference where you just can't whip out something to eat in the middle of the conference. I'm talking about peanut butter a travel packet size will have about 200 calories, 6 g of carbs, 2 g of protein and 6 g of fat. If it is true there is a lot of that up to that is good for you and it will help you in an emergency with unexpected hunger.

If you're trying to juggle between work, kids, and fun sometimes you find yourself getting hungry before you know what, will instead of taking the food that is not good for you to keep some Almonds on hand. Almonds are visible of omega three's fats, protein, fiber and carbs. Because almonds may not always completely curb your appetite it is important that you pay attention to how many you are eating because they are high in calories.

Post workout tuna There are many individuals who barely get time to squeeze gym training into their busy schedule. Therefore sitting down to enjoy a meal after that may seem impossible. When you can't find a healthy diet, try keeping a pouch of tuna which turns out to be a healthy post-workout protein meal.

Got a sweet tooth Is your sweet tooth driving you crazy like it does most of us? One of the best things you can do is obviously to find something to satisfy it. Here is a for instance, looking at the Atkins bars, they have a bar that tastes like the snickers bar but it is good for you, high in protein, low in calories and eight delicious sweet snack.

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