Friday, 7 December 2012

Can A Low Carb Diet Program Actually Work And Is It Good?

By Arlene Shrum

Is a low-carb diet program really effective? I suppose it depends upon your definition of effective. Yes, a low-carb diet plan will assist you slim down quickly, possibly faster than anything short of a complete crash diet. Nonetheless, there are some things you should know about carbohydrates that will help shed some light on precisely why a low-carb diet is certainly not a long term weight loss solution, how it will affect you, and precisely why it isn't specifically safe.

Carbs are a fundamental source of energy for your system. Even if you don't know why (and the why isn't particularly essential for the scope of this article), you know that if you consume plenty of sugar, that is a carbohydrate that your system digests quickly, you obtain a rapid increase of energy. It follows, then, that if you consume much less carbs, you'll have much less energy; if you choose to do a low-carb diet, be ready to feel a little more sluggish than typical.

When you eat, your body can basically store excess carbs for later.These carbohydrates are kept as fat, and that's why a low-carb diet program can help you lose fat so quickly. Whenever you stop eating sufficient carbohydrates, your system will pull on its reserves (fat) to offer you the extra fuel you'll need. Sounds great, right? You can simply allow your system rely on fat to get you through your entire day.

Right after you lose all of your unattractive fat, you can just start consuming carbs again to give your body with the energy it needs and like magic, you will be slim! Unfortunately, there's a problem that any person who advertises a low-carb diet plan ideally ignores. Having an excessive amount of food to eat (at least in some parts of the world) is a really new problem that our bodies haven't yet discovered to manage.

Our metabolic process is much better at avoiding us from starving than it is at letting us slim down, so if you consider a low-carb or even a crash diet, your metabolism will slow down and your fat will become much more stubborn. You'll lose less weight that second week than you did your first, and even less in that third week. Whenever you finally do start eating carbohydrates once again, your system will change even more of them into fat than it generally would in preparation for another fast.

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