Friday, 7 December 2012

How You Can Trick Your Metabolism To Keep Your Weight Loss From Hitting a Plateau

By James Steele

If you're like most people out there, you might have tried a few different diets to different degrees of success. You could have lost a few pounds but you generally get to a certain point and then nothing you do can help you lose more. This plateau is hit by most people and is common amongst the various diet plans. There isn't a way of avoiding this plateau if you do not deceive your metabolism.

You most likely have already reached the plateau at least once--in fact, it has possibly caused a frustrating end to more than one diet program. This is a strange event, which happens to successful dieters about the third or fourth week of their diet. Up to that moment, the weight falls off and then it just stops and nothing you do can get your body to lose more weight. It's your body reacting to the changes you are putting it through. Your body goes into protection mode to prevent starvation, so it slows your metabolism. This, then, keeps you from being able to get rid of more weight.

This is what causes people to think they aren't capable of losing the weight they want, and they stop trying. At this time they go back to eating, and putting on their excess fat back plus even more than they shed usually. The way to prevent this is by using a diet where you move calories. What you want to do is eat a different number of calories each day, which supposedly helps you fool your metabolism. If this works on your body it will not go into "protective" mode. It will keep your body's metabolism churning at its current rate instead of slowing down and you'll keep shedding pounds. Once you reach this point, you have passed the plateau and your diet will continue to work the way that it was meant to.

It's pretty simple to apply this kind of plan for your every day routine. Among the most well-known techniques of calorie cycling is the 14 day method. In this method, you stick to your diet for eleven days and then on the 12, 13 and 14th days you try to eat the things you truly would like to eat. You switch your foods each day, deceiving your metabolism, and for three day eat what you want, stopping the plateau. This is also quite handy in keeping you on the right track with the stricter dieting programs. You can keep doing these 14 days again and again until you are satisfied with your weight loss.

The 2 day plan is another good plan in which you eat as usual for one day and then cut your calories by 20% all the way up to 35%. You do this every couple of days for as long as it takes you to achieve your weight loss goals. This program is perfect for helping you get past your plateau and lose the weight you want to lose so you should really check it out.

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