Monday, 3 December 2012

Applications Of Soy Protein In Healthy Diets

By Ben Stadwick

When you decide to look at different types of proteins to add to your diet one of the most interesting ones is soy protein. Soy protein comes from the soy bean which is a type of bean or technically a legume. The soybean has approximately 20% fat, 30% carbohydrates and 40% protein. One other item that makes it particularly inviting is that it is absent of cholesterol and saturated fats. Even after the soy bean has been processed into soy protein it contains a large number of amino acids, it is high in fiber, enzymes and minerals such as iron, zinc and calcium.

Because of these very positive aspects of soy protein it can be used in several different groups of people to help them. One such group is people looking to fight heart disease, children with certain ailments and pregnant women.

Taking into consideration a pregnant women, she is encouraged to take soy milk because of the high content of vitamin D, especially if the subject as a noticeable sensitivity to sun radiation. If one has an inversion to whey protein which is made from milk than use soy protein to replacement it. Replacing whey protein for soy protein will help babies to recover from diarrhea quicker. Studies have shown that soy protein will help with symptoms of hot flashes, although this is still being studied, these are 2 reasons to use it.

Since the substance contains no cholesterol, its intake instead of animal protein like beef reduces the overall concentrations of cholesterol in the body, thereby minimizing the threat of cardiac arrests and other heart diseases. This also reduces body weight, in addition to supporting regulation of concentration of sugar in the blood.

Vegetarians and lactose intolerant individuals may also take soy extracts as an alternative to whey proteins that cause them discomfort and a myriad of allergies. Also since the substance contains several antioxidants, it can be helpful to athletes in reducing tiredness and to decrease time taken to recover after extreme physical activities.

Soy proteins also contain a unique chemical that helps impede attempts by tumors at creating blood vessels that nourish cancerous cells, thereby reducing the possibility of developing cancer. Additionally, research on its application in prevention and control of heart diseases and bone loss, especially in women is also positive at advanced stages.

However there are reasons to reconsider taking soy protein, one of them is that it has a hormone that has shown to the decrease testosterone in men however that has not been proven yet. Some individuals have been shown to have allergic reactions to soy products, at this point you should obviously keep from taking them.

I personally think that it's strange that soy protein products have not been investigated thoroughly. I also think that it's funny that findings about the impacts of soy protein products on the human body are inconclusive at this point, especially with all the technology that we have in research and development. It is true that most of the groups that we have talked about are arguing for the approval of soy protein based products that it may be more thoroughly used and I do believe that it will happen soon. When it does I do believe that will revolutionize dieting and help with some and the health issues that they have.

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