Monday, 10 December 2012

Why Celeb Diets Plans Never Work For Normal People

By Spare Spare

Today we answer the question so many people ask in the gym. Why do celeb diets never work? Why do you always seem to never lose any weight no matter how hard you work? Today we put these myths to bed for you and help you get some actual results in the gym.

We all know somebody who has fallen victim to these at some point. Usually a friend will have seen them featured in a glossy gossip magazine and been blown away by how easy it looked and how much 'instant' weight loss was guaranteed.

But then we see the same things happen over and over. Such as:

* Quick weight loss for around one week followed by hitting a brick wall and not being able to lose any more weight no matter how much you try.

* Despite losing some weight they often look and feel ill.

* These plans create a yo-yo dieter, where the weight flies back on the second you return to eating normal food again. That's exactly what they want, too, as it means you'll be back in the future.

There are very simple and proven reasons why these things happen to your body.

Most of these diets will ask you to cut out all of your favorite junk food, which we know is a massive failure tactic for those new to dieting, as well as drastically cutting your daily calorie intake.

This causes your body to enter starvation mode, where is literally stores as much fat as it can to preserve energy because it doesn't know when it's getting it's next meal.

This is why it becomes almost impossible to lose any more weight despite working harder and eating barely enough to survive...

Furthermore, the overall goal is usually a quick fix one or two month target. This adds to the other flaws and creates an effect where people find their body just piles the weight back on and more when they return to eating normally.

The truth is people often fall for these things because of a glitch in their personality. Deep down they know it's too good to be true, but the 'what if' factor gets them in the end and that is exactly what the magazine publisher is going for. They will keep wasting money until they wake up and change their mentality towards health and fitness. You don't need to avoid your favorite junk foods or live on rabbit food, but this myth will never go away until the dieter wakes up and realizes for themselves.

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