Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Tiens Apparatus Of Blood Pressure Reduction

By Don Roone

This equipment has been designed to strengthen weak human body current. Making use of the instrument's 21 special leading treatment cog tips effects detection, magnetization and stimulation, strengthening and balancing the body's close circuit.

Created by Mr. Gao Jiajun. Its function is usually to regulate despaired cell potential through concept of biological electricity. Its operation intergrades with Chinese past theory on physical channels, drainage that reaches the purpose of health protection as well as recovery. Effectively marketed through treatment centers in many cities, for instance Russia, France, China and Turkey. For the past few years this has noted healing effect on most common disease, for example headache, hair-loss, asthma, toothache, stomach, intestinal diseases, nephropathy, rheumatism arthritic pain, liver diseases and as well as spleen by interpreting with some other treating techniques. Treatment normally takes about 3-5 minutes.

Function of Product & its Objectives on Heart & Blood Vessels

Reduces hypertension, maintaining the pace of incidence of diseases of heart as well as brain vessels, dulling coronary artery, convulsion, lighten heart load. Decreases tiredness

Hypotension or Hypertension Balancer

This equipment has long been manufactured to improve weak body current. Utilizing the instrument's twenty one exceptional leading therapy cog tips effects diagnosis, magnetization and stimulation, strengthening and balancing the body's close circuit.


It regulates and lowers high blood pressure. It combats heart diseases - angina pectoris, chest suffocation and brain vessel problems. It opens up mental blockages. It renews memory faculty and also stimulates mental retention. It helps the liver and clears pancreas inflammation and liathosis. It relieves arm pains and neck pains caused by inappropriate pillows and stress. It aids to reduce arthritis, rheumatism, waist and back aches. It helps flexibility of coronary artery convulsion. It clears dizziness and eliminates fatigue and as well as nervous stress. Making use of the clean metal base on the face 3 times daily for four weeks regenerates dead facial cells

Effects of hypertension on balance assessed by computerized posturography in the elderly.

Unsteadiness, dizziness and vertigo occur more frequently in hypertensive subjects, compared to the normal ones. This study evaluated the influence of hypertension on balance tests, performed on posturographic platform. The study pool consisted of 112 persons aged 65 and older (65 hypertensives), their mean age was 72.9+/-0.5, scored on the Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE) greater than 24, was able to perform self-care activities, to walk independently for at least 400 m and was free from major diseases. Subjective dizziness and vertigo were assessed by means of Sickness-Impact-Profile-Questionnaire (SIPQ). The static posturographic tests were performed on a vertical force platform, from which the center of foot pressure (COP) positions and displacements were recorded. In balance tests three standardized positions were utilized: feet 30 degrees apart, semitandem and tandem. Subjects with hypertension complained more frequently dizziness and vertigo (41.5% vs. 21.3%). The track-length and COP-velocity were associated with age in all the balance tests. In semitandem and tandem positions, the medio-lateral sway distance significantly increased in elderly subjects compared to young controls. No difference, however, was found in balance tests between normotensive and hypertensive subjects. Those with uncomplicated hypertension compared with normo-tensive subjects, although complaining more frequently symptoms of postural instability, did not show worse performances in static posturographic tests.

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