Monday, 10 December 2012

Five Steps To Lose Fat And Build Muscle Quickly

By Russell Howe

Depending how long you have been a member of a gym you may have already encountered the madness which ensues when you ask anybody for tips on how to build muscle fast. This also occurs when you bring up the topic of how to lose weight of course. Nobody tells you the same thing twice and everybody swears that their way is the right way. Right now you're going to find out the facts and they are a lot simpler than you might be thinking.

Today's post will feature five foundations of building lean, fat free tissue. Whether you're looking to become a man-mountain or just simply improve your physique, let's get to work.

1) Diet To Build.

2) Stick To Basic Supplements.

3) Tailor Your Workouts.

4) The Importance Of Rest.

5) Sleeping Is Now Part Of Your Training.

Some of these tips seem like common sense. One and three, for example. But we're amazed by how many people do these wrong. For instance. the first tip is about simply dieting to build rather than dieting to cut. Most people who are trying to get bigger don't even look after their diet. They have a false idea that in order to gain size you just have a post-workout protein shake and then eat whatever you like for the rest of the time.

That's why when they do add size it's the type of size they didn't necessarily want, i.e. fat.

The first thing you need to be, even before you hit the gym, is to sort out the basics of your eating regime. That's right, getting your diet laid out in stone is more important. Today's video shows how it's done.

Rule number two is about knowing your supplements. Too often, people are all too quick to take a product without truly knowing what they're actually putting into their body, what it's supposed to be doing for them or why they even need it.

The key word to remember here is supplement. It's intended to be an extra. Be sure to get the majority of your diet from the food you eat rather than the sports supplements you use. A decent whey protein and some creatine monohydrate is all you need.

When it comes to your workout routine there are a million different ways to do it but the foundations of any great muscle building program are always very similar. Compound movements including Bench Press, Squat and Bent Over Rows are the focus of your work. You'll see others spending 45 minutes isolating their forearms, but this isn't going to get them anywhere.

Rest is the most overlooked rule. Once you begin enjoying your training you don't want to take a day off, understandably. But the truth is you hinder yourself if you train too much, particularly with this type of long-term goal. Beware of over-training.

Sleep is also important, as your body releases it's stores of natural growth hormone during this type. Fail to get enough sleep and you don't let this happen, obviously. Aim for 6-8 hours every night.

People are often shocked to discover that the basics of how to build muscle work fat better than the hyped up complex theories put forward by every other gym user. The same goes for those trying to figure out how to lose weight properly, who often encounter the exact same type of confusion. But that's another post. As for gaining size and strength, these tips simply work.

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