P90X The In's And Out's

By Hamish McIntyre

PX90X is a do it yourself workout system brought to you by fitness master, Tony Horton. This system has provided enthusiastic exercisers a flexible workout system that can be done at home, without compromising on quality.

The P90X is an intense 90 day workout program, and a complete home exercise system that consists of 12 DVD's, along with a nutrition and supplement plan. It focuses on specific combinations of exercises and nutrition to enhance the results.

What makes this program different from others? The P90X workout program has some unique features that make it stand out from other physical workout systems:

Avoid the Plateau with Muscle Confusion: Workout plateau is a reality that most people face with other workout programs, and this is something that the experts behind P90X program have taken great pains to address.

Diverse, cross training exercises of varied intensity and duration have been incorporated into this workout plan to deliver maximum impact, leading to higher levels of physical fitness, endurance and weight loss.

Combining the various types of exercise routines - varying levels of cardio, strength training, stretching and yoga to name a few - and repeating them at varied intervals tricks the body into something called 'muscle confusion' which is what makes the fitness targets so achievable.

How does 'muscle confusion' actually work? The experts found that varying the stress levels by way of combining exercises (intensity and duration) does not allow the muscles to adapt to the movements. This in turn allows the body to continue making progress and you can achieve the fitness levels you are aiming for.

Basic Equipment: Another positive attribute of this program is that it dispenses with the need for expensive gym equipment. Instead, it allows you to use basic stuff like resistance bands and dumbbells for your exercise routine.

If you are focused on an upper body workout, you may need to add a chin up bar and push up stands. However, good quality resistance bands are an adequate way to begin with this program and you can then add other tools as you work your way up.

Individually Focused Nutrition Plan: As we know nutrition plays an important role in any fitness program. The best workouts, if combined with poor nutrition, will end up giving less than desired results.

To deliver maximum benefit, Tony Horton and the experts at Beachbody - a BBB 'A' rated company, have integrated a nutrition plan that amplifies the effectiveness of the PX90 workouts. The theory is that as the body progresses towards fitness, it requires a different approach to nutrition.

They have therefore divided the P90X nutrition plan into 3 levels, based on weight and energy output. They recommend that each person should adopt a nutrition plan according to his level of fitness and stick with it until his fitness / weight levels change.

The first level of the nutrition plan begins with a high protein- low carb eating plan, and in each subsequent level the carbohydrate content is increased. Higher levels of carbohydrates are added as fuel to meet the body's increasing demand for energy

This combination of modified exercises and focused nutrition system provides a powerful method of workout that shows immediate results.

Is it too difficult? Is it too easy? While the P90X workout system may seem extreme it does offer flexibility for both -an experienced fitness freak as well as a beginner.

The program has 3 levels of workout in each 30 day phase. It is seen that most people prefer to start off with a workout routine that is easy to begin with, and as they become progressively fitter they intensify their workouts. This strategy proves successful because not only does it help them avoid burnout, but also gives them the motivation to complete the entire 90 day program.

If you are looking for a workout schedule that combines the flexibility of working out at home and one that can give you the fit, muscled body you are aiming for, the P90X program is one that you cannot afford to overlook. Because the results speak for themselves; the PX90 program not only meets the expectations of beginners, just starting out to meet their fitness goals, but even the expectations of demanding athletes who are looking for a system that gives them maximum bang for their buck!

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