Issues About Botox Union City GA Residents Should Know

By Alyce Larson

Before considering the injection of Botox Union City GA residents need to be aware of the medical concerns. This is a procedure that is used to alleviate the effects of aging, particularly clearing of furrow lines. However, at times, the administration is not carried out under the required conditions. Below is a discussion of the procedure in detail.

Botox is a trademark name denoting a useful toxin produced by a bacterium known as Clostridium botulinum. This chemical compound has been exploited in the beauty industry to eliminate wrinkles and creases on the face. The compound, however, can be paralytic when administered in large doses..

The chemical works by blocking signals from the nerves from reaching the muscles. It blocks the discharge of acetylcholine from the neuron. The injected muscle cannot contract, which makes the furrows relax and soften. It is a very effective treatment for lines around the eye, those created by frowns and crows feet. It, however, does not help alleviate creases formed by gravity and sun damage.

Usually, the technique does not involve any anesthesia. This is mainly because it is painless and only takes short time usually minutes. The chemical compound is introduced into a particular skin muscle by the use of a fine needle. The patient may experience slight discomfort after the injection. However, the end results are experienced between the third and seventh days. You should not take alcohol for at least one week before performing the technique. In addition, drugs such as Aspirin or other anti-inflammatory medicines should be avoided for no less than two weeks in advance to reduce bruising.

The effects of this treatment are not permanent. It will only take about four to six month before the results start to wane. The lines or wrinkles will slowly reappear as the muscle action gradually returns. The patient will, thus, require another round of injection. The furrows, however, become less severe with time as the muscles learn how to relax.

Botox injection has mild side effects, the most common of which is temporary bruising. Headaches may also occur, but it should subside within 24 to 48 hours. A number of patients also report eyelid drooping, which stops after about three weeks. This normally happens because of the movement of the chemical. Therefore, it is not advisable to rub the area for about twelve hours after treatment or lie down.

This treatment is not recommended for people who are pregnant or those who are breastfeeding. If you have a neurological disease, then you should not get the injection as well. Since this procedure does not work for all wrinkles, it is highly recommended that one consult a physician before undergoing the injection.

This treatment should only be conducted by a medical professional who is skilled in human anatomy. Such a doctor will know the specific muscle that should be paralyzed. In addition, an overdose of the toxin can cause paralysis.

These are the main issues surrounding Botox Union City GA dwellers need to be aware of. Remember that this is a process that you should not undergo over a party. If you need the treatment, look for a qualified and certified professional.

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