How Far Did You Say I was From The Green?

By Mary Zelinski

Some of these golf training aids are suggested to be made use of in the center of winter or at the practice variety, be it in a dome, your garage, or right on the course. Course management is said to be the number one item that can either enhance or decrease your golf score.

One of my favored golf training helps is the Garmin Golf Watch. What that means is if you visit a golf course that has been loaded into this watch and then begin playing golf, you could track the distance you walk (if you do not take a cart) and will understand how far you simply hit your last shot.

Well here is the neat thing about the Garmin Golf Watch. I remember my golf watch. I look down at my watch and see that I have 165 yards to the front of the green, 169 yards to the middle, and 177 yards to the back of the green.

Understanding that the tee is closer to the back of the green, I understand that I need to get the ball about 170 yards out. Now envision if I would have gone with my intestine sensation about being 160 yards away.

The following time that you struck an errant shot that is a couple of yards into the rough, you can walk up to the ball and will understand right away how far you require to strike it to get to the green. Sometimes it is merely course management and selecting the right club for the circumstance. Now when it comes to the rest and lowering your score, course management is all up to you.

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