Health Benefits Of Calories In Avocado

By Darnell Visini

Contrary to popular belief, calories in avocado have more benefits as opposed to the myth that the fruit is fatty and cannot have positive health benefits. Weight watchers have used the fruit for years due to its nutritional values and affordability. There are several types of the fruit that stems from where they are cultivated and their usage. The size of this fruit does therefore determine the amount recommended for daily consumption.

Standard avocados contain 322 metric units, 29.47g of fat of which 4.273g is saturated fat, 17.15g carbohydrates of which fiber and sugar accounts for 13.47g and 1.33g respectively and protein taking 4.02g. Avocados are high in calories and healthy fats making them ideal for making salads and stuffed fillings. This translates to 124 metric units in a single tablespoonful.

Taken as a snack for breakfast, it is ideal in providing the required calories to last the whole day thus it can be used by dieting people to act as filler. The fruit contains vitamin C and is high in fiber. The fat provides 77% calories in its natural fat and 19% carbohydrates while protein accounts for 4%. From the total 322 metric units contained in the avocado, 265 is natural fat making it stand out from refined fats.

Avocados have antioxidant properties, which are vital in the prevention of stroke and they are also weight loss catalysts. The fruit is used in baby food to prevent obesity and due to its skin penetration ability, it is used as a cosmetic and hair food additive due to its healing powers. As a sunscreen, it prevents direct gamma rays, which are responsible for skin cancer. With its beneficial nutrients, the fruit helps in food absorption to increase body metabolism and fight opportunistic ailments associated with HIV and AIDS.

In the food chain pyramid, the fruit is known to contain no cholesterol; it is free of sodium, has low sugar but is high in vitamins. The metric units contained in the fruit do not necessarily count when eating healthy rather they tend to eliminate the junk food option when dieting. Eating this fruit in moderation is the way to good health. Many people shy away from avocados with the assumption that they are fatty fruits.

Fat is a very important component in the diet of people who are on a weight loss program. Consuming the natural avocado fat leads to improvement of the body metabolism, an active body sheds extra fat and builds muscles more easily as compared to an inactive body that keeps gaining rather than shedding. Avocado contained in simple snacks like spring rolls, turkey wraps and sandwiches is enough for the body when taken regularly.

Natural calories and fats help in lowering the cholesterol in the human body, moderating blood pressure and reducing coronary artery disease attacks. A single portion of the fruit provides 40% 0f the required nutrients for the body to function in a healthy manner. When consumed in moderation and on a regular basis, it brings out the nutritional value of any other fatty fruit.

Most nutritionists recommend avocado as opposed to other calories found in processed products that cause obesity. In fact when used as a vegetable oil, it works well as an appetizer giving the body enzymes to easily process other foods consumed. Though surrounded in myth, it is no doubt that calories in avocado are natural and healthy.

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