Find Out About Martial Arts Using The Ultimate Martial Arts Library

By Saif Mackay

For anybody who thinks he may be interested in learning martial arts a great way to start is with The Ultimate Martial Arts Library. It is a great guide that contains some of the best teachings of martial arts. Dr. Ted Gambordella, one of the most decorated and awarded martial artist worldwide, released his first martial arts book during the 1970s in a time considered to be the golden age of martial arts. He managed to write 14 further books that were all successful making him one of the major selling martial arts writers.

Nearly all of his guides are no longer in print but there are three still available. Those 10 or so out-of-print books are on CD-ROM. He also took the secrets of martial arts seminars and created two videos. Dr. Ted Gambordella carries on to write with a total of 32 books. Besides the books, his package has videos, and ten additional books from the public domain. That makes this collection, more than 6 hours of videos and 42 complete books. In case you are a novice to martial arts, and just learning, or a seasoned martial artist, this compilation has information that is great.

One of the books bundled in this collection, is "The 101 Deadliest Karate Moves," which is a practical text for just about any student or teacher, who is seriously into forms of martial arts. These deadly methods are only being taught to you for use if you're in a life-threatening situation. But you'll learn more than just fatal kicks and blows from the great karate masters. Yet another one of the books is "Seven Days To Self Defense," which is an excellent book for anybody who might become a prey, by not knowing how to use self-defense. It is a book for women, particularly, who can learn strategies to help them protect against being raped. There are seven easy to understand lessons that coach you on the basic principles of self-defense. By doing one lesson each day for seven days, you will have the knowledge and basic skills to guard yourself from harm.

"The Secrets of KI, the end of injury" is one more of the books, but this is on how to protect against athletic injuries. Injuries are inescapable for any competitive person. This book will show you tactics that will help you avoid injuries if you practice the techniques. Your mind can become stronger, your skills will sharpen and your ability to concentrate will considerably improve.

The Ultimate Martial Arts Library contains over 4,000 pages, by the Grand Master Dr Ted Gambordella, all on a single CD. There are over 5000 pictures, 42 complete martial arts books, and over 6 hours of video training for less than $30.00. The best place to get going with martial arts is with the Ultimate Martial Arts Library.

If you are severe about martial arts and you would like some practical text, there is a book referred to as "The 101 Deadliest Karate Moves." The strategies taught in this book would be to be employed in hazardous conditions and not for competitors.

Nevertheless, you are going to understand over 100 lethal kicks, and blows from the greatest karate masters. The book "Seven Days To Self Defense," will instruct you on the fundamentals on how you can fight for your self in the course of a surprise scenario. It is intended for girls so they're able to safeguard themselves from acquiring raped.

You will uncover seven easy to follow lessons that educate you the basics of self-defense. By undertaking one lesson each day for 7 days, you'll have the information and simple abilities to guard yourself from harm.

There is 1 book in the package known as "The Secrets of KI, the finish of injury" which focuses on lessening athletic injuries. Skilled athletes are acquiring hurt every year, by falling down or obtaining hit in the ribs or stomach. You'll be able to practice tactics from the book that shows how to decrease injury. You are going to have much better concentrate, as well as your expertise is going to be honed should you make a decision to practice challenging.

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