Do Kettlebell Exercises Stand A Chance In Hunger Games?

By Rob Sutter

When it comes to the Hunger Games, it is, quite practically, each person for themselves. They must face off against one another, consenting or not, in order to ensure that they make it out of the games with their lives undamaged. However, with so many people physically able and possessing separate types of skills, such an endeavor may prove to be quite fruitless. Kettlebell exercises stand a good chance of ensuring that the most apt person escapes in order to tell their harrowing tale.

The Hunger Games picks two children from every district of Panem in order to fight off the others to the death. Whether or not they are healthy to do so - physically, emotionally, and mentally - is irrelevant because they don't have a choice on the matter. However, I can't negate the fact that the appropriate level of training can be a game changer. If someone knows a fact or a skill that someone else may not realize, then it only turns the tide in that person's favor that much more.

It's not enough that kettlebell exercises call for great strength but the people behind them are also quite versatile overall. Fitness authorities the likes of Lorna can accentuate these points since that's what such exercises seem to be built upon. I don't think that they would be out of place in the Hunter Games, either, because such an event has so many variables. Sometimes being the most skilled can change the landscape, however, this is very important for those competing.

The Tributes who battle one another in the Hunger Games could very well make use of these weights, I could imagine. Katniss Everdeen is someone who can fight well with a bow but I'm not sure how she'd be in the way of power. If she could mesh that quality well amidst her speed, I can see her being even more of a threat. That very idea would be able to ensure her victory as opposed to her going into a situation like this, in a figurative sense, blind.

One can only intend the people who fight in these games the very best. They are essentially wagering with their lives against their own wills and it's up to them alone if they can survive. Will kettlebell exercises come in to play a role? I feel like they can, considering how flexible they are and how well they can bring people into fitter shape as compared to other regimens. They need to stay on their games with each part of their bodies up to the task, so I don't think that this way of exercise can go disregarded.

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