Discover Antioxidants And Stay Healthy

By Jeffrey Singer

A lot of medical specialists are advocating fruit and veggies as part of a daily diet plan. There are plenty of great reasons to the recommendation; however one of the reasons is definitely the antioxidants that a lot of veggies and fruits supply. What exactly are antioxidants? What makes them extremely important?

Oxidation takes place in every single place from slice of potato turning brownish color to rust in a machine. This is a common process that also happens inside a human body. Our body controls oxidation well, but occasionally it results in cell damage. The damaged cells are known as free radicals, molecules with unpaired electron. Due to the fact it is unpaired, it will try to steal an electron from other molecules. Once this reaction gets extreme, it can easily lead to various health threats which include cancer, heart problems and arthritis. Cigarette smoke, pollution and radiation add up to the creation of free radicals as well. Antioxidants are compounds that counteract free radicals.

By supplying an electron to free radicals, antioxidants prevent cell damage. It is crucial to eat meals that offer antioxidants on a daily basis to stay in good health. Lots of veggies and fruits are a great supply of antioxidants thanks to vitamins E and C. The vitamins are known to be one of the best antioxidants. Vegetables and fruit such as strawberry, kiwi, papaya, spinach, bell pepper, and broccoli are a great supply of vitamin C and E. But these vitamins are not the only supply of antioxidants and actually they are certainly not the most effective source.

A lot more nutritionists agree with the fact that Epigallocatechin or often called EGCG may be a much stronger supply of antioxidants than vitamins C and E. Many research workers agree that EGCG is 100 times more beneficial than vitamin C and 25 times more efficient compared to vitamin E in reducing free radicals. EGCG is a material contained in tea. A few of the acknowledged green tea extract benefits are preventions against depression, heart problems, cancer, weight gain and bad cholesterol.

There have been a lot of clinical tests pertaining to the impacts of green tea on cancer cells. The results indicate the usage of 300mg of EGCG every day to be the ideal amount. A cup contains approximately 100mg of EGCG. A lot more case studies are on the way, however for now 3 cups on a daily basis appears to be a good amount.

At this time there are a variety of methods to consume green tea. Common way is to make and to drink the hot tea. This is good way especially when consumed with meals. One additional preferred way is to mix green tea powder with water. Blending citrus juice with EGCG has been identified to boost the positive effects. An easy way is to consume tea pills. This will work for individuals not liking the flavor.

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