Can Minimalist Running Fix Leg Injuries?

By Richardo Manning

Ask someone that has done it and they will often tell you that it can. Minimalist shoes imitate barefoot running.

Minimalist shoes include the Vibram five finger and thinly soled shoes. Some seem rather unfashionable. There are little toes cut out into the shoe, making it more like a glove for your foot than just a shoe. The soles are hard enough to protect you, and yet thin enough to feel the ground beneath you.

While you are looking to make a permanent change, you should be sure that you understand what is holding you back. There are many different excuses that people create to avoid exercise and these excuses should be the first place that you start as you are setting your goals.

One of the most common excuses for not exercising is not having time throughout the day. When you don't have time to exercise, you should cut something from your schedule to ensure that you can make time to exercise.

Whether the problems are consistent shin splints or serious knee injuries that keep them from races, no matter what stretches or training they've done in the past, these ailments never seem to give up. Once they began running with the finger shoes, they learned what painless running really feels like.

Essentially, the body allocates resources in order to enhance muscle strength and cardiovascular function as we work out. In other words, the body improves in response to the challenges that we give to it.

Based on previous results, those affected by knee and other injuries throughout the season could very well find the relief they're looking for in minimalist running. Skeptics wonder how they work.

Those that propagate it argue that men and women are natural born runners. Since the dawn of time, mankind was born with bare feet. In fact, running shoes didn't exist until the last half of the 1900's. Phil Knight created them after being inspired by a University of Oregon track coach. He put runners' feet on a wedge and sold them like candy from a shop. For thousands of years, man was running with either normal shoes, sandals or no shoes at all.

After you have combatted your excuses, you may want to invest in your own exercise equipment. Investing in exercise equipment that you can have in your house and that you know you will be able to take anywhere with you can be liberating.

Shopping for cardio equipment on a online great place to start. While you are shopping on-line you can get a good idea for the cardio equipment that is available and within your price range.

Injuries result and more people find themselves delaying their season because they don't realize they are fighting their natural form. If you suffer from consistent leg injuries, consider getting into minimalist running to find relief.

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